Monday, 25 March 2013

Legoland is Open!

The boys are very excited about the fact that Legoland is now open for the year. It is unlikely that we will be going though, as we have already booked a holiday in Wales for the summer (if we get one?!). Duploland is new for this year and so if we did visit we would get to see something new. I think the hotel was actually more fun for the children than the park itself and so we would need to stay for a while to make the most of it. This does mean more expense but in my opinion it was well worth it because they had such a lot of fun there. It also made the whole trip far less exhausting for the grown ups as we could take our time doing things and did not have to worry about a long journey home after a very busy day at the park. I think that if you have children that are fond of lego then it is something that you should do, once they are old enough to remember it as we took away so many happy memories.

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