Thursday, 28 March 2013

Playing Computer Games

Like most boys of their age, Toby and Sam do love playing computer games. They started playing Cbeebies, when they were little and then progressed on to Bin Weevils, Club Penguin and Minecraft. They used to always play the same games, but have more recently discovered that they can have a lot of fun playing on games sites that have a selection of games, which means that when they get bored of one game, they can play a different one instead.

For example, it can be great to play flash games at Get Ahead of the Games or similar sites where there is a whole selection of games in different categories and so something fir everyone. The boys are not keen on the fashion or dress-up games of course, but the arcade, action, shooting, fighting, role play and football games certainly appeal to them. They enjoy being able to select from a choice of different games and with so many, there will be something to suit anyone.

They enjoy playing games together, seeing whether they can beat each other's score or sharing hints and tips with each other which means that they are still interacting together, despite being on the computer. I really like this because many parents do worry about their children missing out socially when they are playing, but it does not happen to the boys.

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